Human Capital on Front of Challenges of Banking System in the Republic of Macedonia

Ilire Dauti, Samije Bajrami


Change of the system, from centralized to a market economy was accompanied with situations that had an important impact in the Macedonian economy. Lack of experience connected with the free market economy made the change of the systems more difficult. Those problems and challenges that are and were on front of banking system in Macedonia, will be the subject of this paper. An important place in this paper will have the human capital, which is one of the main factors that affects or don‟t the development of banking system. So the hypothesis of this paper is: The motivation of human capital in the banking system has a significant effect on the performance of the banking system. Used methodology in this paper is a combination of theoretical analysis, the analysis of the real situation, and also the treatment of an econometric model, in this way the conclusions and recommendations will be more accurate.

Keywords: banking system, human capital, country,bank, banking market.

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